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Casey Clabough

Featured Author Issue 6.1 Spring 2014

Casey Clabough is the author of the novel Confederado, the travel memoir The Warrior's Path: Reflections Along an Ancient Route, and five scholarly books on southern and Appalachian writers, including Inhabiting Contemporary Southern & Appalachian Literature: Region & Place in the 21st Century. Clabough serves as editor of the literature section of the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities' Encyclopedia Virginia and as general editor of the literary journal James Dickey Review.

His work has appeared in over seventy anthologies and magazines, including Creative Nonfiction, the Sewanee Review, and the Virginia Quarterly Review. Clabough’s awards include the 2013 Bangladesh International Literary Award, an artist's fellowship from the Brazilian Government, and several U.S.-based fellowships. He lives on a farm in Appomattox County, Virginia and teaches at Lynchburg College. His forthcoming books include a biography of legendary southern writer George Garrett (Fall 2013) and an edited anthology entitled Women of War: Selected Memoirs, Poetry, and Fiction by Virginia Women Who Lived through the Civil War (Fall 2014).

"I know of no other book exactly like The Warrior's Path, yet it is part of a tradition. One thinks of the best work of John McPhee, Wendell Berry, Annie Dillard. The writing is at once eloquent, elegant, and evocative. In short, it is a beautifully written work: a genuine pleasure to read, and to re-read."

–George Garrett

“Casey Clabough’s unique vision, his curious and important quest, his personable and earnest manner of expression draw us into his world just that engagingly. His world is our world, too, the trace our ancestors followed into the wilderness to transform a landscape into a nation. History, memoir, travel journal, meditation—The Warrior’s Path is all these things at once, its firm understanding of the past made lyric with lively language. This is a volume to keep close at hand when doubts about our American destiny begin to assail. Solid, durable, and—entrancing.”

–Fred Chappell

“Clabough's work account draws us deep into an intimacy with our geography and culture, with all the triumphs, failures, and contradictions we are heir to.”  

–Robert Morgan

"Confederado is a thrilling mixture of fact and fiction by an exciting new voice in Southern fiction."

–Ron Rash

"Clabough's Inhabiting Contemporary Southern and Appalachian Literature resists inhabiting traditional regional tropes to turn critical and artistic eyes on a delightful range of fascinating and even surprising authors of fiction and poetry. Not only does this ambidextrous book model a 'New Regionalism' for the twenty-first century that allows for a dynamic sense of place that both matters and moves over time and space, it is also infused with Clabough's own palpable enthusiasm for the craft and substance of literature and how and why it continues to matter in our time."

–Tara Powell


Author’s site: http://caseyclabough.webs.com/  

Feature in the Oxford American: http://www.oxfordamerican.org/tags/articles/casey-clabough/