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Scott Travis Hutchison was born in Richmond and grew up in nearby Ashland, Virginia. He was raised on his parents’ small thoroughbred farm but also spent sixteen years working at a commercial thoroughbred facility in Doswell (Rockett’s Mill Farm). When he wasn’t working—which was every weekend, school break and summer vacation—he was busy with sports, writing, and modestly looking for trouble. He went on to earn degrees from Virginia Tech, Middlebury, and Vermont College. At present he lives in the Belknap Mountains of New Hampshire, and enjoys a summer place on a lake predominantly managed by Audubon and other conservation groups. He served as Director of the New Hampshire Young Writers’ Conference for thirteen years. When he isn’t working these days, he’s busy with sports, writing, and modestly looking for trouble. He is the author of two books of poetry: Reining In (Black Bird Press) and Moonshine Narratives (released in 2019 by Main Street Rag Publishing). His poetry and fiction have appeared in over 200 journals, including The Georgia Review and The Southern Review.

Words on Moonshine Narratives

If you’ve ever wondered what kinds of sad and crazy bees fill the heads of boys early in life Scott Hutchison has the x-rays for you. Jam-packed with poems as carefully made as they are mischievous, Moonshine Narratives rips and rolls with poignant, wild-ass energy. For most of us who landed in this world as boys, there’s no way to read this book without wanting to run back through time and wrassel somebody. ~Tim Seibles, Poet Laureate of Virginia

Hutchison doesn’t so much write as throw fire and Moonshine Narratives is chock-full of white-hot images and bright, flickering moments coming at you at high speed, one after the other. And this collection couldn’t have a more apt title as every poem feels like the best kind of campfire story, one that’s touched by moonlight and tipsy on a sip or three of the good stuff. An addicting, inspiring, rollicking good time from start to finish. ~Ian McCulloch

Scott Travis Hutchison

Featured Author Issue 11.2 Fall 2019